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Harvard Keeping Jeffrey Epstein's Money

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The Harvard Crimson reports today that Harvard is keep Jeff Epstein's donation.

After money manager Jeffrey Epstein was charged in July with soliciting sex from prostitutes, several recipients of his donations distanced themselves from the New York billionaire. But though Epstein wrote a $6.5 million check to Harvard—with the possibility of additional millions down the line—the University said yesterday that it has no plans to return the gift.

We think this makes sense. Unlike prosecutors and politicians who may be in a position to help Epstein, there's really no reason for Harvard to refuse the money. Except, you know, the matter of ickiness. There was a time when "decent society" would not have wanted to be associated with someone accused of the things Epstein's been accused of. But that was then, this is now. In any case, there certainly is no reason to return the donation, thereby enriching Epstein to the tune of $6.5 million.
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