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Hewlett-Packard As An Intelligence Operation

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This Hewlett-Packard spying scandal keeps getting more and more sinister. Now we learn that H-P may have considered placing spies inside the newsrooms of the Wall Street Journal and C-Net.

Hewlett-Packard conducted feasibility studies on planting spies in news bureaus of two major publications as part of an investigation of leaks from its board, an individual briefed on the company’s review of the operation said yesterday.
The studies, referred to in a Feb. 2 draft report for a briefing of senior management, are said to have included the possibility of placing investigators acting as clerical employees or cleaning crews in the San Francisco offices of CNET and The Wall Street Journal.

It gets even creepier with the next sentence: “It is not clear whether the plan described in the documents, which were read to a reporter, was ever acted upon.”
Uhm, okay. This is something H-P needs to address right away. Did they actually place spies at business news organizations reporting on them? Also: how did this East German level of paranoia take hold at the highest levels of H-P and what is the company doing to reverse this development?
It’s not just batshit insane. It’s batshit insane on crack.

H.P. Said to Have Studied Infiltrating Newsrooms
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