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Hewlett-Packard Hearing Day Afternoon Update: Pass The Buck

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Both Pattie Dunn and chief executive Mark Hurd denied knowing about the techniques of Hewlett-Packard’s investigation, including pretexting and attaching tracer software in an email.
Dunn had a pretty rough time in front of the committee. She testified for more than four hours before a group of lawmakers whose attitudes ranged from skeptical to hostile. The subcommittee seems to have spent most of its energy questioning Dunn because by the time Hurd’s time came around, the panel appeared to have lost some of its fire.
Or, you know, maybe it was just because she’s a woman.
And, as we were writing this item, the hearing just wrapped up for the day.
Hewlett-Packard Chief Hurd Says Leaks Weren't His Top Priority [Bloomberg]