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Hewlett-Packard Sympathy Watch: Day 3

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Some of it is no doubt H-P counterspin but some of it strikes us as genuine concern that the criticisms of Hewlett-Packard have gone too far. Recall that yesterday the big debate was whether the debacle was mostly Pattie Dunn’s fault, mostly George Keyworth’s fault or arose from a widespread problem at the company.
Today Gary Weiss tentatively joins the “maybe we’ve gone too far” camp, citiing the “piñata principle.”

I think that the "piñata principle" applies here. That is, once the criticism of a company or executive reaches a tipping point, he is officially a "piñata" and will remain such until an effective counter-spin campaign commences.
During his pay controversy, Grasso was tranformed from "capitalist icon" into "grasping and overpaid bald man" and roughly the same thing has happened to the H-P dustup, which moved quickly from "big nothing" into a chairperson-displacing earthquake.

It’s a trend. Patricia Dunn is Martha Stewart! All of H-P is Dick Grasso!
Is the media overreacting on H-P? []