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Hilton Expands in China, Paris's Asian Fetish Sated

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Following the merger of its US and British hotel division, Hilton Hotels has started to identify partners in China, as part of its much hyped international expansion. Co-chair and chief executive Steve Bollenbach said that the company is aiming for a 7% growth, with its focus on development in China, India and Eastern Europe.
President and COO, Matt Hart noted: "We are going to target the big opportunities in the big markets. If our target was to have 200 hotels open, we would like to do that in big slugs - 50 to 75 hotels in three different countries, versus five hotels in 20 or 40 countries. We outgrow everybody in the US ... We will continue to grow in the US. This year we will add 225 hotels. But growth 10 to 20 years from now [must] come from outside the US."
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