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How Many Types of Flair Are You Wearing?

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One of the things we learned from Tim Carney’s book, The Big Ripoff, is that business is not consistently a free market lobby. We think of them as entrepreneurs favoring GOP free-market politics but this is a myth. In truth, everyone favors whatever politics makes them the most money. As Gary North points out in an essay on the Mises institute website today:

The problem…is that businessmen like the seeming safety of a government-restricted market, at least in the early stages, when they are given some power to set standards and direct production. Businessmen can make very good bureaucrats, too. The market is relentless. It forces men to meet the demands of a fickle public. Businessmen think they can find an escape in some sort of government business partnership. That is the grand illusion.

The snare of government subsidies []