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How To Break Into Hedge Funds: Read The DealBreaker Forums!

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Have you checked out one of our niftiest new features, the DealBreaker Forums? Over to your left you'll find a link to the place where DealBreakers, DealMakers and DealShakers go to post about whatever is on their mind. Go check it out. It's the reader controlled area of your favorite website--where you call the shots.
One recent discussion was sparked by someone using the handle "Black Capitalist" asking how he could get work at a hedge fund. Our favorite answer so far came from reader PinstripePikey: "The way I did it was to get a degree in the geekiest subject known to man, particle physics, and then take aim at the quant-driven funds. Not sure this is for everyone though."
String Theory is the new Black-Scholes.
What's the best way to break into hedge funds? [DealBreaker Forums]