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HP Spies Hacked Into Reporters’ Phone Records

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This story just keeps getting worse. Now it’s been revealed that the investigators hired by Hewlett-Packard to dig into board room leaks may also have obtained the personal phone records of CNET News reporter Dawn Kawamoto.

In Kawamoto's case, AT&T said that on Jan. 30, 2006, someone used the last four digits of her husband's Social Security number to establish an online account, and provided the e-mail address
"As was the case with the Perkins account," AT&T general attorney Travis Dodd wrote in an e-mail to the AG's office, "the IP address associated with the browser of the person who established the account was As was also the case with the Perkins account, this appears to have been the only date of access to the account."

This is like something out of a dystopian science fiction paperback where The Corporation runs everything and dispatches its enemies with secret police. Only it’s really happening. And it’s now.
Remind us again why Patty Dunn is still chairing the H-P board.

Reporter's records hacked in HP probe
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