I Gave Amaranth Several Million Dollars and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt


In the grand tradition of continuing to make money off of dead businesses in the eBay aftermarket (see here), a reader notes that Amaranth swag is now up for auction here.
The seller's description:

Get yourself a peice of the biggest hedge fund loss in history, Bloomberg news most ever searched item. Bought for marketing, sold here for memorabilia. Luxury large beach towel, quality polo shirt in 'Amaranth Green' and logo baseball cap, as worn by the infamous Brian Hunter himself. Halloween costumes? This is the chance to get into something really scary.Office partys, christmas parties, amuse your fellow traders or dealers. A percentage of profits made are guaranteed to maybe, perhaps,possibly, erm....might do, probably won't, not on your nelly, no 'kin chance, be donated to the impoverished hedge fund traders. The TRADERS.....THINK OF THE TRADERS.....WON'T SOMEONE JUST THINK OF THE TRADERS!!

Amaranth: 6 Billion Dollars Later and This is All That's Left [eBay]