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Is Life Inside The Start-up Bunker No Place for Chicks?

A few years back a friend of ours was involved in a start-up that was like something out of Fight Club. Lots of guys living in a dilapidated old storefront in a San Francisco neighborhood they called the “Inter-Mission.” We visited once and never wanted to leave. The thought of living and working with your friends, pushing hard all day and then kicking back at midnight with a few beers on the roof, it seemed perfect. Much better than responding to client and partner emails in our New York City glass tower.
Unfortunately, we never signed on with them. We had just started in a high-paying job in New York and thought leaving it so quickly would make us seem flaky. Now those guys are…well, the start up didn’t work out and they’ve moved on to other projects. We’re sorry it didn’t work out but if they were all cruising the Mediterranean in million dollar sail boats, we’d be pretty upset with ourselves for not moving out to San Francisco.
Whoa. That’s getting a little off track. What we meant to say is that, apparently, this fantasy of communal, start-up bunker living isn’t as appealing to women as it is to men. Or at least that’s what Jory Des Jardins argues over at Blogher.
To What End, this Sacrifice? The Difference Between Male and Female Bootstrappers [BlogHer]