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Just Because You Are Paranoid Doesn’t Mean Hewlett-Packard Is Not Spying On You

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Time was, business reporters had to worry about their information being stolen by insider-trading types. Now those days seem almost quaint. The Hewlett-Packard "place a mole in the newsroom" plot has Gary Weiss reflecting on his own security measures from years gone by.

Years ago, while working on a sensitive story at Business Week, I actually hid my notes and other source materials so that they not be found by any intrusive cleaning women.
Afterwards I thought I was being a little silly, not to mention paranoid.
Not any more. The New York Times reported today that good old Hewlett-Packard (definitely not in the running for any "friend of the First Amendment" awards) was thinking of doing just that.

We’re starting to wonder if this kind of ultra-paranoid, intelligence gathering activity is confined to Hewlett-Packard or if it’s more widespread. Are corporations regularly spying on journalists and board members?
Seems far-fetched. But the whole thing seems far-fetched, so we’re not writing it off entirely. Maybe this thing is actually a widespread but hushed up practice in Silicon Valley. Is spying the next backdating?
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