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Meet Brian Hunter, Head of Amaranth Energy Trading Desk

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So who is this Brian Hunter we mentioned in the previous item about the huge losses at Amaranth Advisers? We haven’t been able to track down a picture of him yet but we’ve collected some details on young man who came to head his fund’s energy trading desk at the age of thirty-two.
Earlier this year, Trader Magazine ranked him at 29 in its list of top one hundred traders. He’s said to have made $800 million for the fund in 2005—much of it from the skyrocketing price of natural gas in the wake of hurricane Katrina—and was paid somewhere between $75 and $100 million. When he decided he wanted to leave New York for his native Calgary, Amaranth set up an office there for his team.
Hunter’s role in the losses his fund expects to suffer as it unwinds its natural gas position is not yet known. One source familiar with the market for energy trades told DealBreaker he believed Hunter had made trades this year similar to his winning 2005 bets and got caught out when 2006 produced a much calmer hurricane season and new oil discoveries in the Gulf of Mexico.

Calgary trader, 32, among world's best
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