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Murray Hill, The Television Show

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Why are there no good new sitcoms? Probably because no one in Hollywood is bright enough to hire Leveraged Sellout, who has written a treatment for a new sitcom about four friend’s living in Murray Hill. Two are investment bankers, one is a strategy consultant and the other a derivatives trader.
No summary will do the treatment justice. Better hop on over to Leveraged Sellout and read the whole thing. But here’s a taste below.
Oh, we guess we should give you a brief set up. Like they do when they show clips of movies on the late night talk shows. Here goes: two roommates, Steve and Gopal (the investment bankers), are preparing for a night of drinking at home. The problem is that Gopal was in charge of beverage provision and came home with Sparks. Chaos insues.

Steve stared at his roommate for 5 long seconds. The look on his face was one of utter disgust. He scrounged up a wad of phlegm and spit on the West Elm sofa.
“What! You douche!” he finally exploded. “I saw some chick wearing a Strand bag and mismatched checkered Converses drinking that crap the other day when I was lost downtown.”
“I can’t believe you brought that fucking h-hipster shit into this house!” he continued as he got up from the couch, enunciating each word and shaking his head, furious. He stumbled over the H-word as if it was physically draining for him to speak it.
He persisted, now just as disappointed as he was angry, “This is Murray Hill, man, not fucking Bushwick. This is a BANKER household! How hard is it for you to get some freakin Amstel?” he scolded.
Gopal rehid behind his hands. “What’s Bushwick?” he asked, apologetically.

Cue the effin’ laugh track.

Murray’s Hill - 1.01 Pilot - Banker Fight
[Leveraged Sellout via Curbed]