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Our Business School Professors Take More Drugs Than Yours Do

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We have no idea whether University of Florida Warrington College of Business lecturer is actually high in the two videos that turned up on Boing Boing. He sure sounds at least a little bit baked. But maybe he’s just really, really relaxed and totally goofy.
If he is high, we’ve got the feeling that this could be a new trend: twosed* business school professors. Somehow we doubt it will catch on at Wharton, however. Smoking up in Philadelphia just isn’t the same as smoking up in San Diego or Gainesville.
*[Editors Note: The word “twos” is our new favorite drug lingo. Here’s the official explantion from a good friend of DealBreaker: "Well, it started when we were in college. We'd roll joints. The person who rolled the joint would smoke first. The person who yelled "twos" first would be the person who got it next and that would determine the direction the joint was passed around in the circle. Pretty soon, smoking became getting twosed.” Please note, drugs are probably bad for you.]

Video: apparently-baked biz school prof who was soon fired
[Boing Boing]


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