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Pattie Dunn Comes Out Swinging!

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Former Hewlett-Packard chairwoman Patricia Dunn opens the second panel with a statement defending the need for an investigation into board room leaks. She backs away from taking responsibility for the investigation, however, saying she undertook it at the request of other board members, delegated it to others, and was deceived about the methods of the investigation.
“I’m neither a lawyer or an investigator,” she tells the committee, explaining she relied on others to assess the legality of the investigation.

Now for some non-substantive observations.
Pattie has presence. She speaks with confidence, and you can see why someone would want her as the chair of a board of directors. Also, she’s pretty. When the camera pans out, you can see that she wears her tan suit well.
Larry Sonsini is up next. He spends most of his statement decrying pretexting, calling it “probably illegal” and saying it should be made “clearly illegal.”

Larry looks like the archetypical lawyer. Blue pin-striped suit, look of serious concern on his face. He’s handsome in his own way, exuding power and intelligence.
Fred Adler, a Hewlett-Packard security official, gives the third and final opening statement. He says he hopes his testimony will help “clarify the law.” Translation: what we did was not clearly illegal. It’s the fault of vague laws. Not H-P.

Watching Freddy speak after Pattie and Larry is illuminating. You sense immediately that he is not the executive type. His eyes lack that “master of the universe” confidence. He’s more or less a cop.