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Pattie Pins It On H-P's CEO and CFO!

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Congresswoman DeGette is getting somewhere with her questions. She’s asking about the creation of a fictional disgruntled employee named “Jacob” in a “covert operation” directed against a reporter.
DeGette asks Dunn about Jacob. Dunn says that while she “initiated” the investigation at the board’s request, she did not want to get involved in approving or disapproving its operations. This was a management issue in her view. When staff members approached her for approval of Operation Jacob, she directed them to management.
Who at management? Mark Hurd!
That’s right. Pattie just stuck the “responsibility for investigative methods” scarlet letter on the CEO and chairman of H-P. Ka-pow!
Next up, under questions from Congressman Joe Brown, Pattie says that she initiated the investigation through the company's CFO, telling the subcommittee that he had oversite over all the functions at the company that would have been involved in the investigation.
It's all management fault! Take that H-P shareholders!