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Pirate Capital: Now Hiring!

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We’re asked a lot about how you can get started in hedge funds. Here’s your chance. According to Bloomberg’s updated report, Pirate Capital may be looking for an analyst to replace the four who resigned or were fired this week. Get those resumes together and send them up to Norwalk!
Here’s Bloomberg’s quick summary of who walked the plank this week, and who is still aboard Captain Thomas Hudson’s ship.

The letter said analysts Zachary George and David Lorber resigned on Sept. 26, and Carl Klein, the firm's fixed-income portfolio manager, quit the next day. Hudson then fired analysts David Muccia and Matthew Goldfarb, the letter said.
Still at Pirate are Stephanie Tran, Peter Desloge, Glenn Haberfield and Chadd Kirk, according to the letter. Hudson said he may hire one analyst.

Pirate Capital Says Half of Investment Staff Resigns [Bloomberg]