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Planespotting: Who's Been Naughty And Who's Been Nice?

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Mayor Bloomberg: Morristown Municipal Airport to Burlington Int'l (again) on his Mooney M-20M Bravo
(If we could give Mikey no Dead Hookers we would. That's how un-Dead Hooker worthy this trip is. But the rules call for 1-5 Dead Hookers, no more, no less, so one Dead Hooker it is. To be honest, it's a ratings system that's inherently flawed but there's not much we can do about it now. Just know that the affixing of one Dead Hooker under the Mayor's name means nothing-- nothing! He is in no way "naughty" or "sketchy" or any of othe other adjectives that our victims secretly love to be associated with. This trip is on par with the annual one made by the Jewier contingent of grandmothers down to Florida. But seriously, all kidding aside, this makes us want to drown ourselves in a vat of maple syrup or, at the very least, slather Mikes up in said sauce and unleash a pack of bees on him, My Girl-style. Who's with us?)

Oprah: Greenwood Leflore (MS) to Francis S. Gabreski (Westhampton Beach) on her Gulfstream V
(Nothing to say here except sister likes to get her tan on.)

NYSE: Eleuthera Airport(Bahamas) to Palm Beach Int'l Airport to Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood Int'l Airport to Los Angeles Airport on its Gulfstream IV.
(Your day of reckoning will come soon, John Thain. You've gotten a free ride for too long.)

(Wait for it.)