Quick! Everyone Short the Future of Business Ethics


Over on Wall $treet Folly we just came across this bright and shiny news—more than half of you MBA types are effin’ cheaters!

When it comes to cheating in graduate school, a new study finds that M.B.A. students are the champs.
A survey of 5,331 students at 32 graduate schools in the United States and Canada found an "alarming" amount of cheating across disciplines, but more among the nation's future business leaders. Fifty-six percent of graduate business students admitted they had cheated at least once in the last year, compared with 47 percent of non-business students.
The students, who were surveyed between 2002 and 2004, told researchers from Pennsylvania State, Rutgers and Washington State Universities that the most important reason for cheating was that they thought that other students were doing it.

It’s not hard to see how you get from “other students were doing it” to the “everyone was doing it” defense of backdating.
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