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Rate the Press: Amaranth Meltdown Coverage

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Like obituaries, the business pages used to be the sort of place you stored reporters who were hitting the bottle a little too hard. They couldn’t cause too much trouble there, the job was mostly just reporting from press releases, and nobody read anything from the business section besides the stock quotes anyway.
These days, however, the financial press takes itself a bit more seriously. The various financial news organizations compete for stories, pride themselves on scoops, and practice habits they picked up from other journalists—like fact checking. (Sometimes. Every now and then we feel like we’re back in the days of the gin soaked business hack calling his story in from the payphone Costello’s.)
But what’s the point of competing if you don’t have a winner? So today initiates our first ever DealBreaker Business Press Reader Poll. Here’s how it works. Every week we’ll take the biggest business story and ask which news organization covered it the best. Sometimes we’ll focus on the wires, sometimes on television, sometimes on the glossies. And sometimes we’ll mix it up.
Since this week was mostly about Amaranth that’s where we’re starting: Who Covered The Amaranth Meltdown Story The Best?