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Rupert Murdoch’s Deluxe Apartment in the Sky-igh

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You know what totally sucks? When you lay down $44 million for an apartment and two-years later you still find yourself stuck in a renter because the effin’ contractors cannot get it done. Even worse—you’ve got to live in one of those tacky Trump buildings. Gold lettering. Who the fuck does Trump think he is? You haif want to buy the whole friggin place and call it “Trumped.”
Eh. Probably not worth the hassle. Instead, just get your shareholders to pony up the $55,000 each month for the place. They already paid you $25.7 million in salary and bonuses last year. What’s another half-million or so between old friends?
(And, just to be fair, since your family owns 30% of News Corp., you’re basically paying $16,500 a month anyway. That’s much more reasonable.)
News Corp. Provides Murdoch A $50,000-a-Month Residence [Wall Street Journal]