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Sonsini Pretexted!

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Talk about burying the lede! This Wall Street Journal article about the legal case against those involved with the Hewlett-Packard pretexting scandal spends lots of time going through boring legal stuff before it gets to the juice—HP’s outside lawyer Larry Sonsini was pretexted!
This is more than a little ironic because Sonsini wrote emails to a board member which seemed to defend the practice. We wonder if he knew he was a victim himself.
What’s more, we wonder if his other clients knew this. Has Sonsini informed his other clients about possible confidentiality breaches? If private investigators have records of his calls, they know exactly who he was talking to and when. In the world of high-powered lawyering, this information can be very valuable (to snoopers) and hazardous (to clients).
We asked earlier if Sonsini was a villian or a scapegoat in the Hewlett-Packard scandal. Now we know he was also a victim!
Internal Security Expert Told H-P Its Leak Probe Might Be Illegal [Wall Street Journal]