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This Morning In Hewlett Packard: More Subpoenas Issued

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Lawmakers issued five more subpoenas in connection with an upcoming hearing on Hewlett-Packard’s leak investigation, the Wall Street Journal is reporting. Yesterday, the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee issued two subpoenas to Hewlett Packard employees and one to a private investigator with the firm contracted to conduct the H-P prove. In addition, H-P CEO Mark Hurd, former chairwoman Patricia Dunn and outside counsel Larry Sonsini have been asked to testify before the committee.
The hearings are set to begin tomorrow. Looming question: who will take the Fifth Amendment and refuse to testify? Current odds say no Fifth Amendment moves from Hurd, Dunn or Sonsini. But its a distinct possibility for some of the investigators who may have directly engaged in pretexting.
House Issues More Subpoenas In H-P Leak-Probe Case [Hewlett-Packard]