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Today In Hewlett-Packard: It’s Hearing Day!

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Who are we kidding? There’s not going to be a quick summary of the news of today’s Hewlett-Packard action. We’re going to be sorting through the testimony of the various players at today’s congressional hearings for days to come. Just like everyone else.
Still, there’s some exciting news going into the hearings. Ann Baskins, H-P’s general counsel, has resigned. It’s said she’ll be taking the Fifth at the hearings, as will some of the investigators.
Pattie Dunn is going to testify that she had no reason to believe the investigation used illegal methods. Expect some tough questions on that one. Questions like: so you thought stealing the phone records of your board members was legal?
They’re in the hearing room right now. Some lawmakers are jabbering. It’s on!