Warren Buffett’s Granddaughter: But Is Her Art Any Good?


You already know that we think Nicole Buffett is cute and bright. And you know what we think of old Warren. So you can imagine how totally crushed we were when a spokesperson for Nicole rebuffed our efforts to interview her. So NPR is good enough for her but not DealBreaker? We’re heartbroken.
Since we weren’t going to get direct access to Nikki Sweetsmiles (that’s our office pet name for her), we decided to do some investigation into her art. But since our tastes run more toward the representational side of things, we weren’t exactly sure we were qualified to comment on her work. So we turned for commentary to the head of DealBreaker’s Art Collection unit and proprietor of Funlap.com, Jennifer Dunlap.
Here’s what Miss Dunlap had to say.

Buffet uses bright, intense colors and organic forms to create her own "synthetic" worlds. It's almost as if the paint takes on distinct characters; each color representing a different area or personality.
She throws each one together on her canvas, letting them naturally meld together and interact with one another. Once settled, the frame freezes, and we have a glimpse into the mystic and almost spiritual realm Buffet is hoping to capture. These are paintings you would definitely want to see in person to get a sense of the viscosity and scale.

Which makes sense. Cause that’s kind of how Nikki Sweetsmiles comes off on the video we’ve seen—bright, colorful, organic, possessing a distinct character and someone we’d definitely want to see in person to get a sense of viscosity and scale.
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