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Warren Buffett’s King David Act

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Warren Buffett is in Israel now, touring the facilities of Iscar Ltd., the metal-cutting tools company his investment company acquired for $4 billion two-and-a-half months ago. The company is located near the Lebanese border and was briefly shuttered during the recent outbreak of warfare there.
Buffett has reserved the entire King David Hotel in Jerusalem for his entourage. It certainly sounds grand but according to some recent visitors it is less than kingly. As the blog Hotelchatter explains:

Will the King David Hotel be ready to serve an American billionaire and his entourage? Based on the hotel's track record the chances of this are slim to none. The hotel staff has been painted as one horrible picture by many recent past guests. On top of that, many find the hotel in desperate need of renovations and better food. None of this is hard to believe since the royal suite is shamelessly boasting a VCR. Who is Buffet's booking agent anyway?

But this might be unfair. The hotel’s “roytal suite” boasts a “VCR and FAX.” It doesn’t really get much better than that. Oh, wait, it does. He’s got a “jacuzzi bath” in his suite.
This probably makes DealBreaker’s infamous inquiry into whether Warren Buffett is going to hell a bit outdated. He may already be there.

Warren Buffet Likes Outdated Hotel Suites