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Where In The World Is Kobi Alexander: Namibia, That’s Where.

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It looks like one of our favorite games—Where In the World Is Kobi Alexander—is finally coming to an end. He’s been arrested in Namibia, according to the Wall Street Journal, where he is being held pending extradition to the US.
You remember Kobi, right? He’s Comverse founder who was charged by the U.S. Attorney’s office in Brooklyn with fraud charges stemming from backdating allegations. When he failed to show up for court the FBI declared him a fugitive. He later allegedly turned up in Sri Lanka—which is not, as we explained, a very good place to hide from the long arm of American law.
Namibia wasn’t such a bad choice for Alexander. When he fled there, Namibia didn't have an extradition treaty with the U.S. But according to the Journal, after US authorities located Kobi there by tracking bank transactions “the Namibia government enacted a law to establish an extradition treaty with the US.”
So Kobi got his very own extradition law. Wonder whether they'll call it "Kobi's Law."

Fugitive Alexander Is Located in Namibia
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