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Write-Offs: 09.01.06

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$$$There is no justice in this godforsaken gutter of a world: Goldmansachs wins its domain name fight with [Wall Street Folly]
$$$The inside of your soul-crushing, spirit-sucking G. Sachs 5X5 or an early start to a 70% chance of you and your summer sharers mixing things up a bit with a few rounds of Kings: H'tons Style and a bottomless game of Strip Poker: It's Labor Day Weekend and We're Buy-Side Analysts, Let's Get Craaaazy? [The Beach]
$$$"Young I. banker in need of energy 'supplement'. Something to increase alertness and stay awake. Best in "non-pill" form. Let me know whats available." So, like green tea or something? That shit's got tons of caffeine. We've got a bunch of bags here, you're totally welcome to them. Or you could try one of those Starbucks green tea frappa mocha whatever they're called things, but, personally, we have to say, they strike us as tasting like ass. We've also heard that Dannon Light makes a nice cappuccino yogurt but who can stand going to the grocery store anymore these days? It's like, okay, do I want to waste 45 minutes of my life that I'll never get back or do I want to continue watching reruns of 90210 on FX? You know? And that bull shit with the swiping of the card and the credit or debit and the cash back or no cash back and the is-this-amount-ok-with-you runaround. God, it just really makes us want to end things, right there, right there, in the middle of the bag boy's interrogation about paper or plastic. That would show them, wouldn’t it? Anyway, pick up those tea bags whenever, we'll be around for most of the day. [Craigslist]