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Write-Offs: 09.19.06

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$$$Business Bibs: 1/2 a suit for 1/2 a man. Or a eunuch. [Banker's Ball]
$$$ Dear Investors,
As CEO of Amaranth Advisers, it falls to me to pass along
some news. Happily, my youngest, Trip, began his Senior
year at Choate without incident -- fingers crossed he'll be
Harvard's problem next year! Judy and I celebrated our
second anniversary in Mustique, and since she's 21 now,
we were even allowed to celebrate with some champagne!
And our hedge fund lost $3 billion. [Shaking Her Assets via Gawker]
$$$Have sex with an investment banker tonight. He may have latent
incestual tendencies, but that's not your problem. [Craigslist]