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Airbus Leaks Timetable to Virgin

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When will Airbus start delivering its superjumbo jet to customers? The answer cannot be never. It only seems that way. Three major production delays and no timetable for delivery have left airlines who ordered the planes largely in the dark about when the world’s biggest airliner will be shipped.
It seems that Airbus is now tipping its customers off about the delivery time, no doubt to prepare them for when the official delivery timetable is announced next week. The mild reaction from Virgin described in this story may indicate that the delays may not be as bad as some feared. Or, you know, maybe everyone just expects the worst from Airbus at this point so anytime sooner than never is a pleasant surprise.
Virgin Gets News on Airbus Delays [Associated Press]
Update: Virgin keep mum on the actual delivery date but Emirates, Luftansa and Air France haven't been so coy, each saying they've been told that the superjumbos will be ready in 2009, a full year after the last scheduled delivery.