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Airbus Superjumbo Jet Will Make Delays Longer, Skies More Dangerous

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The phrase “wake vortex” sounds like something from science fiction. Isn’t this what happens when they stop punching in the numbers on the Lost Island?
Apparently it’s real. Turns “wake vortex” is the air spinning at high speeds off the wings of airplanes after takeoff. And it’s another problem with Airbus’s superjumbo A380 jet. The wings on the A380 create a wake vortex which remains dangerous for other planes taking off behind it for a minute or two more than other large airliners. During the peak flight hours during which most A380 flights will likely be scheduled, this could create serious delays at airports.
Of course, that’s assuming the airports even have room to fit the A380. Many airports simply do not have room to fit the larger plane, and some US municipalities are skeptical about whether it makes sense to spend funds to make the necessary adjustments to accommodate a European built plane.
Study Says Airbus Super Jet Poses Airport Traffic Problem [New York Times]