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Aleksey Vayner Gets A Little Help From On The Money

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We like CNBC’s On The Money. And not just because they had the luscious Julia Boorstin interview us about Wall Street bonuses on Wednesday. They’ve got the right sensibility for covering Wall Street—except, you know, the whole being-on-the-air during-happy-hour thing. (We actually missed our own segment the other day because our bar insisted on showing the Mets pre-game instead of the CNBC feed.)
But we like them even more today because they are offering some good advice to Aleksey Vayner. (You've got to click on the link to the video since they MSNBC hasn't quite got the whole embedded video thing down yet). Everyone’s been hating on Aleksey lately, and we’ve felt like the only ones offering him some useful, practical advice. Aleksey gave us all at least a week’s worth of chuckles. What’s to hate? Good on the OTM for taking the high road.
The gist of the advice from OTM: forget Wall Street. Think Madison Avenue. Jay Whitehead of HRO Today Magazine says, “This kid has some advertising, some marketing savvy. Maybe a little hint of genius.”
This is your calling, Aleksey. You already have a job offer from none other than Donny Deutsch. Go for it! And if anyone around you tells you that you can’t succeed—cross them off your list!
Video resume becomes joke of Wall St. [CNBC on]