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Aleksey Vayner Responds To Lucy Gao’s Personal Ad

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Of course, this hasn’t actually gone through the trouble of actually happening. Yet. It’s just the latest from the warped minds at the Long Or Short Capital blog. The set up is that Lucy Gao takes out a personal ad inviting readers to a “party” that is taking place in her pants. And Aleksey responds. Now if only LOSC had them being chauffeured around by Warren Buffett and Eugene Plotkin cutting in on their dance, this would be the perfect DealBreaker item.
We were especially happy about how LOSC imagines Aleksey Vayner describing the past week of his life.

Before last week, I was basically nothing having only started my own investment fund, won the grand slam of men’s tennis, outdrinken and outskiied Bode Miller in the winter Olympics, won the Nobel peace prize for the charity which I started, held the Street Fighter II machine in my local arcade for 15 straight hours and bedded 5,437 women. This week, I have accomplished so much more and been named the CEO of Vayner Lehman Stern UBS, after I brokered the deal which brought them together in a merger. The key was getting them to focus on my revolutionary “never lose money” investment strategy.

And for you true DealBreaker fanatics, you may want to tune into Fox’s Inside Edition tomorrow morning. We’ll be making an appearance to talk about Aleksey Vayner at 11:30 AM. See you then!
Aleksey Vayner Responds to the Online Personal Ad of Lucy Gao []