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Aleksey Vayner Stays Famous On Purpose: Day 2

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Yesterday viral video star Aleksey Vayner pushed himself back up out of the obscurity that was starting to overtake him by talking with the New York Post. Today he’s given his first sit down interview since the story broke—with Michael J. de la Merced of the New York Times. It seems that he’s taking a leave of absence from Yale to do promotional media interviews until this whole thing blows over.
We still think Aleksey’s going about this the wrong way. Aleksey—you’ve got to run with this. You are “pure gold”—as one of the investment bankers who forwarded your email around put it. Drop the lawyer and get an agent. Someone who can book you as a guest host on Saturday Night Live. Someone who can get you a book deal—Impossible Is Nothing: The Aleksey Vayner Guide to Success At Everything. Someone who…
Look. Let’s have lunch. We’ve got some great ideas. Stop talking to the newspaper guys. Stick with the folks what made you—the interwebs. We’ve got a great future together. We can feel it.
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