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Amaranth's Stock Portfolio: Now 97% Smaller

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One of the best places to find out what really went down at Amaranth at the end of this summer was the Platts news service, which is pretty much the go-to for energy news. Well, the go-to place if you have plenty of cash to fork over for the subscription only service. Today they picked up on Amaranth’s latest SEC filing. The damage is severe. The funds stock holdings are down to $175.2 million.
Here's an excerpt.

The value of hedge fund Amaranth Advisors' stock portfolio dropped 97% in
the third quarter, according to filings with the US Securities and Exchange
Commission, as the fund was forced to liquidate the bulk of its holdings to
meet margin calls on more than $6 billion worth of bad gas trades.
Amaranth controlled $175.2 million worth of stocks and puts and calls on
those stocks at the end of the third quarter, the Tuesday filings showed.
By comparison, Amaranth's stock portfolio was worth $5.7 billion at the
end of the second quarter, according to SEC filings.
Stocks and puts and calls on those stocks made up an undetermined portion
of Amaranth's investments.

You didn't actually think we were going to make through an entire day without mentioning Amaranth, did you?