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...And Don't Forget Trumpy-Doo

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Yesterday the New York Post noted that Donald Trump would soon be moving into some new real estate—Toon Town. The publisher Donald Trump’s magazine told the Post that they will have the pilot for a Donald Trump cartoon show ready "within 90 days" and a could have a full series in production by next year. There was no word on whether this would be some sort of funky, Adult Swim type deal or whether someone was convinced that what
America’s kids need more than anything on Saturday morning is a good half hour of Donald Trump.
We didn’t even go with the story yesterday because, well, we couldn’t think of any jokes to make about except that pretty lame one we opened with about “Toon Town.” Ah, well. Now we’re stuck with it. The reason we decided to bring you the news today was because the good folks at Best Week Ever have uncovered something truly magnificent: Spy TV’s rendition of the Donald Trump Cartoon Hour, featuring a brilliant theme song and sidekick “Trumpy-Doo.”

I Spy The Original Trump Toon [Best Week Ever]