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Are Russians Eyeing GM?

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General Motors chief Rick Wagoner—has there ever been a more appropriately named auto-industry honcho—came out of the recent turmoil at the automaker looking stronger than ever. Not long ago it looked like he might be on his way out, as the company reported record losses and seemed, well, lost. But when the board of directors recently rejected the Kirk Kerkorian instigated proposal of an alliance with Renault and Nissan, with all three companies probably led by legendary turnaround artist Carlos Ghosn, it was clear that Wagoner at least had the confidence of his board and would be around a while.
Now he may be facing another challenge—this one from the crony capitalist land once called the Soviet Union. There have been conflicting reports about whether or not Russia’s Oleg Deripaska has bought a significant stake in the company. Over at Jalopnik, the motorheads try to figure out what’s really going on. Their big break comes when they hear from the source from one of Reuters’ sources who tells them, “"Who the hell knows, everything is possible."
Glad that’s all cleared up then.
Watch Out, GM! The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!