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As It Turns Out, The Rich & Well-Connected Are Still Getting Richer, Better Connected

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And we can thank Karl Wellner for doing his small part. As the head of Papamarkou Asset Management, Karl specializing in providing private-banking-cum-concierge services to his wealthy clients—everything from money management to scoring hot theater tickets to introductions to elite social circles, according to a profile in today’s Wall Street Journal.
Just in case you haven’t been approached as a potential client, Papamarkou was set up by Alecko Papamarkou to cater to European royalty. Early on Papamarkou had made the wise decision to be college roommates with a business man savy enough to marry the sister of the King of Spain.
And Wellner isn’t just marketing himself and his firm to these types. He’s living the life himself, having wisely been born to a Swedish water skiing champ who sold industrial machinery who was himself the son of an Estonian industrialist. Oh, then there’s the whole, “I married Deborah Norville” thing that helps get him into the best parties.
Must be nice, that. Sure beats the whole “painful and demanding practice and hard work” thing any day.

A Money Manager to High Society Cultivates the Art of the Schmooze
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