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Barry Diller: Did The Pay Package Story Hint At Earnings Announcement?

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When the word spread last week that IAC/Interactive Barry Diller is the highest paid chief executive in America—by some counts pulling down $295 million last year—it should have been clear that he expected IAC/Interactive to come up with some dynamite numbers this quarter. It’s pretty simple really. Diller was clearly cooperating with the reporters covering his pay package and there’s no way he would do this if his company wasn’t going to beat expectations this quarter. No one wants to be known as the highest paid executive of an underperforming company. We’ve got a word for that—“Bloodsucker.”
And now we’ve got a word for whatever the opposite of that is. And, like it or not, it’s BarryDiller.
IACI soars on earnings; Google buys a Wiki-maker [MarketWatch]


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