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Bloggers! No More…

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One of the more adorable things about Liz Claman’s blog for Morning Call has been her conceptual dyslexia—calling her readers “Bloggers” when everyone else in the world knows that it’s the folks who write blogs who get called that. We’re not sure where she picked up the opposite idea but it’s been cute and unique. And now it’s over. Someone spilled the beans and let Liz know that she was a blogger and that her readers were, well, something else.
What else? Liz isn’t happy with just calling her readers “readers.” She thinks there needs to be a special term for blog readers. Actually, it’s kind of surprising that there isn’t a word blog readers. So if you have a suggestion, please leave it below in comments. We’ll forward the best answers on to the gang at Morning Call.

Blog-o-spherians (or whatever you are), Listen Up!!!!
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