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Buying Warren Buffet's Ride

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Would you feel good or bad if you bought a used car for several hundred times its blue book value? Of course, when the car you buy belongs to Warren Buffett, you aren’t just buying a car. You’re buying access to the oracle of Omaha. And what is that access worth? Well, the market value is about sixty grand—the amount Learning Annex chief Bill Zander paid for Warren Buffett’s towncar less the value of the car.
And what did Zander get out of the deal? Apparently, he got the chance to pitch to Buffett the opportunity to give a Learning Annex lecture. Even better, Buffett said yes, according to an item on yesterday’s New York Post Page Six. The money paid to Buffett for giving the lecture will go to charity, of course. How else is he going to keep it from somehow getting into the hands of pesky tax-collectors and grandchildren?

Buffett Drives A Hard Bargain
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