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Cablevision and Dolan Family Respond To Break-Up Rumors (Kinda)

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Earlier today we reported that a source inside a Cablevision subsidiary had told us that there were widespread rumors that the Dolans might break-up the company, leaving the television channel and content oriented in a smaller public company while taking the cable operating and facilities business to a privately held company. This deal would be significantly different from the one publicly proposed by the Dolan family.
Now we’ve heard from the spokesmen for both Cablevision and the Dolan family. Both were perfectly nice guys but, of course, didn’t exactly spill the beans and confess that we had uncovered their Super Secret Deal.
Cablevision: “It is Cablevision’s longstanding policy not to comment on rumors and speculation in the media.”
Dolan Family: “I can’t comment on rumors and speculation. The Dolans remain committed to the deal they have publicly announced.”
So the story is neither confirmed nor denied. Make of that what you will.