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DealBook, Abridged (10.09.06)

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Patricia Dunn steps down from Barclays unit [legal]
Symbol shareholders may sue to block acquisition by Motorola [legal]
New Airbus chief may resign [legal]
FDIC may ease rules on big banks [legal]
Kobi could delay extradition for years [legal]
Google +
YouTube: This afternoon?
Steelmakers looking to make more deals
Citigroup wants to pick up a foreign bank
Ryan Air + Aer Lingus: Shareholder doubts
Dubai buy stake in Standard chartered
Berkshire Hathaway ups stake in USG
For Sale/ LBOs/ Going Private/ Auctions/ Offerings:
Dolan family offers $19B for Cablevision [Going private]
T-Mobile’s $2.7B next-gen network build plans quell sale rumors [For sale]
Six bidders left in Stuytown auction [Auction]
Hyatt’s HQ for sale [Auction]
IBC IPO may fill Goldman coffers [IPO]
DLJ private equity fund closes [Private equity]
People & Moves:
Roger Iger at Disney [CEO]