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DealBreaker Scoop: Cablevision Rife With Breakup Rumors

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Rumors are circulating within Cablevision that the proposed buyout by the company’s founding Dolan family may break the company into two parts, according to a source familiar with the situation. The Dolan family made a bid to take the company private earlier this week but the talk within Cablevision is that the company may be split in two—one company privately owned by the Dolans and one company remaining public.
This is how people are saying the deal would work. A new private company owned by the Dolans would acquire the cable system operating company, as well as assets such as the Knicks and Madison Square Garden. The public company would be left with only the “content” heavy units, such as its various cable television channels. The two companies would operate independently, with the Dolans wholly owning the new private company and maintaining a large stake in the public company.