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Did Aleksey Vayner Score An Interview At Credit Suisse?

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We know! We know! We promised no more daily Aleksey updates. But we've actually got news today!
We're hearing that Aleksey Vayner was spotted interviewing at Credit Suisse. One of our commenters noted that some other Yale students interviewing at Credit Suisse claim to have seen the viral video sensation at the investment bank. A source within Credit Suisse later confirmed that some at the bank claim to have seen Vayner, although our source did not witness his appearance.
So is this true? Impossible is nothing. If you have any more information, send it out way. Tips (at) dealbreaker (dot) com. And if you are Aleksey, please get back in touch. You’ve got our email. We’d love to speak to you! We’ll even buy you lunch if you agree to meet with us. Thanks.