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Fleet Specialist Convicted After Just One Day’s Deliberation

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If you’ve read the transcripts or seen even a day of testimony of the government’s prosecution of an exchange floor trader, you know how complex these trials can be. Much of what goes on is an attempt to educate the jury about the habits and dialect of specialists, and some of it is so obscure that at least one judge announced that he had lost his way amidst the jargon.
So it was a bit surprising when the jury in the trial of Bank of America specialist Dave Finnerty came back with a verdict after just one day. Similar trials have seen juries spend days deliberating the charges. The guilty verdict in Finnerty’s trial came back so quickly that even the judge overseeing the case voiced concern.
Quick verdicts can cut both ways. They can mean that the defendant was really, really obviously guilty. Or they can mean the jury didn’t understand the charges or consider all the evidence. Now it’s up to an appeals court to decide which way this one went.
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