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Former H-P Executive's Roman à Clef

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Hurt feelings. Pink slips. People who were directly involved in Patty Dunn's recent sticky wicket. It's all included in ex H-P CEO Carly Fiorina's memoir, Tough Choices, to be released next week by Penguin. Although the book does not mention the company's latest leak investigations, it helps shed some light for those who have been asking themselves, "What the fuck was thinking?" per Ms. Dunn's actions, when discussing suggestions given to Fiorina in January 2005 by George "Jay" Keyworth, Dick Hackborn, and Dunn, concerning the company's stock price and reorganization. She writes, "From my perspective, their suggestions came out of left field and were half-baked."
Fiorina Memoir Details H-P Board Conflicts Preceding Her Ouster[WSJ]