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Google To Pay Video Creators

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One of the first great viral video sensations to hit the video sharing services were the various experiments mixing Diet Coke and Mentos to explosive effect. At one point the videos became so ubiquitous it seemed that everyone with a digital camera and a YouTube or Revver account had made one. The Wall Street Journal even ran a feature on the different corporate reactions to the videos (Mentos loved them; Coke didn't get it.) The pinnacle of this line of videos came from Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz, two men from Maine who created the stunning display shown in the video above.
Now comes word that Google has penned an agreement with Grobe and Voltz to share ad-revenue with them in exchange for hosting their video on Google video. The bet seems to be that viewers will follow the most popular content to whichever site hosts the videos. Thus the era of proprietary video sharing and possible profitability for the creators of online video content seems to have been born.
And, of course, the deep-pocketed Google probably doesn't mind creating any industry standards that will make video sharing more expensive for the host website, a move which will probably help stifle competition.

Google shares ad wealth with videographers