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Hedge Fund Spies

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The blog Mahalanobis points us toward what must be the best job entry of the week.

Financial Services Company- TheLadders Client
Job ID: 625904
Location: El Segundo, CA
Position Type: Full Time
Date Posted: 10/6/2006
Hedge Fund Private Investigator
Hedge Fund Private Investigator We are seeking a select group of candidates driven by a strong work ethic, team orientation, and a desire to succeed to join our growing successful company. The Hedge Fund Private Investigator will conduct both clandestine and covert intelligence operations to track movements of public company executives (e.g., Enron types) to gain deep insight of how their behavior and actions may be affecting the company's Wall Street performance. Job Responsibilities: Clandestine / covert intelligence research operations. Resume of successful case records Comfort with rigorous travel itineraries

Wanted: Hedge Fund Spies [Mahalanobis}