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He’s Back: Aleksey Vayner Lashes Out

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Just when we thought the story was beginning to fade—IvyGate had declared a moratorium on it, Gawker seemed to be returning its attention to the children of celebrities, we were ginning up another hotties contest—Aleksey Vayner is pouring fuel onto his own burning effigy, hiring a lawyer and telling the New York Post he might sue UBS if the bank’s employees were responsible for leaking his now-infamous video.

"Institutions like this are expected to maintain complete privacy," Aleksey Vayner told The Post. "If a graduate cannot trust them with the privacy of their resumé, how can people trust them with their money?"
Last month, he sent UBS a link to the video, as well as a written resume, references and a writing sample, through Yale's job-recruiting service.
The video features Vayner supposedly bench-pressing 495 pounds, karate-chopping through a stack of seven bricks, ballroom dancing and smashing a 140 mph tennis serve.
"I thought it would help me get a job," said the native of Uzbekistan.
Instead, he got thousands of scathing e-mails from people who saw the video.
"It was shocking," he said of the response. "[It has] put me and my family under a great amount of stress and greatly affected future employment in a negative sense."

Some advice to Aleksey. We understand you might be enjoying the spotlight and want to prolong your now fifteen days of fame. But this is the wrong way to go about it. You need to embrace the public's image of you. Play to it. Make another video. You'll probably land a cable television series based on "Impossible Is Nothing" is you work this right. Everyone would love to see you on a date, ordering at a restaurant, anything, so long as you keep in your character.
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